An Open Letter to Politicians

by Gabriella Pontejos This coming May marks the season of elections in the Philippines and we, the Filipino people are going to be choosing from among all of you our next representative. And because we are tired from the cyclical problems we encounter every season, we think we’d give you a friendly reminder. First of … Continue reading


Notes for the parent that I will be

by Tata Lima 1)  Teach children the joy of reading. Read them Masks by Shel Silverstein so that they will never wish to wear one.  Buy them one book after another. Let them devour pages, get confused by all these words. Someday, they will have a piece of clarity to always hold onto despite the vagueness … Continue reading


Redefining our relationship with food

by Tata Lima A conversation between me and a friend: “Why are you dieting? You don’t need to lose weight.” “I’m not dieting. I’m trying to be healthy.” It was lunch time and all I had was a mix of vegetables and slices of meat on my plate. A few months ago, I preferred a … Continue reading


The stuff that own us

by Tata Lima “Where’s your stuff?” I ask my friend as she walks towards me with just a leather bag on her arm. We were at a bus station heading for a 3-day out-of-town vacation on a mountain. Travel ready, I had my stroller propped on my feet, a handbag snaking down my arm for … Continue reading


A Greener Urban Landscape

by Tata Lima I grew up in the city. I am a moth-hearted girl who turns pensive at the sight of city lights, office windows are always objects of my curiosity, and I sure like the feeling of walking along the streets of Ayala. But alas, alas, this love affair is beginning to wear out. … Continue reading

Apeco March

Life and the Land: The Fight Against APECO

by Abi Limpin I often get a lot of questions from people regarding the things I post on Facebook about my work. Why are you so into politics, Abi? What’s that notoAPECO thing?  Are you converting into Islam? What is your work all about? Most of the time, if not always, I find myself lost for words, … Continue reading


Tapikan: An Introduction

by Tata Lima Tapikan is an online platform dedicated to sharing things that matter. It focuses on individuals, organizations, movements, innovations and lifestyles actively seeking and pursuing ways to make life better and easier through peaceful and sustainable means. Each post is meant to be a “tapik”, a Filipino term for a light pat on … Continue reading


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